Week 12 Kansas City Chiefs at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Mahomes is 1-2 against Brady but he has thrown eight touchdowns in those games. Each game that has pitted the GOAT QB in the NFL with the most exciting QB of the modern day has been full of thrilling play. While Mahomes has been a star in those games, Brady has been quieter, throwing just three touchdowns against the Chiefs, but he won when it counted.

Now, Brady got quite the upgrade in arsenal at Tampa Bay, missing only a reliable back who can catch. Looking at both teams on paper, the Chiefs may have the slight edge in running back but both offenses should be in top form by the time Week 12 comes around.

Week 13 Dallas Cowboys at Baltimore Ravens
Can you believe that this is a Thursday Night Game? What a week to start off Week 13, and it’s the last week of the regular season for fantasy football. Hopefully the Cowboys won’t have Thanksgiving hangover from Week 12 and give the Ravens a dose of their offense in full gear. Again, if this team doesn’t score at least four touchdowns a game it will be a letdown.

On the other sideline, the Ravens scored at least 28 points in 9-of-16 games last year. They added youth at running back and receiver and plugged holes defense. Not many teams were equipped to stop the Ravens’ running attack so this has shootout potential written all over it.

Week 15 Cleveland Browns at New York Giants
In a revenge game that’s been circled on Odell Beckham Jr.’s calendar since he was traded to Cleveland, we cannot wait to see the elite receiver unleashed on the big stage in the Big Apple. Last year, OBJ did make a statement in a return to New York where he lit up the Jets as one of his big time performances in an otherwise down season in 2019. But the receiver is at his best when he plays with a chip on his shoulder and he would love to stick it to his old team.

On the other side, the Browns’ linebackers are still suspect despite making improvements in the secondary and defensive line in the offseason. Just imagine Saquon Barkley getting past the second line of the Brown’s defense and turning on the afterburners.

Week 15 Kansas City Chiefs at New Orleans Saints
We’ve circled another Saints game that will be a big week, where many fantasy leagues will have their Super Bowl or Semi-Final matchups. What’s significant in this game is that this is the first time Patrick Mahomes will face off against Drew Brees and the Saints. No matter what tweaks the Saints do on defense, whenever the Saints play another high-powered offense, it almost always escalates into a shootout and a fantasy classic.

Other games of note:
Week 1: HOU at KCC, SEA at ATL, CLE at BAL, TEN at DEN
Week 2: CIN at CLE, DEN at PIT, MIN at IND, NOR at OAK
Week 3: HOU at PIT, TEN at MIN, DET at ARI, GBP at NOR
Week 4: PIT at TEN, MIN at HOU, NEP at KCC, ATL at GBP
Week 5: PHI at PIT, DEN at NEP, IND at CLE, MIN at SEA
Week 6: KCC at BUF, ATL at MIN, CLE at PIT, ARI at DAL
Week 7: PIT at BAL, GBP at HOU, DET at ATL, TAM at LVR, KCC at DEN
Week 8: TEN at CIN, MIN at GBP, SFO at SEA, NEP at BUF
Week 9: SEA at BUF, NOR at TAM, PIT at DAL, LVR at LAC
Week 10: IND at TEN, PHI at NYG, BUF at ARI, SFO at NOR
Week 11: LAR at TAM, TEN at BAL, ATL at NOR, DAL at MIN
Week 12: BAL at PIT, ARI at NEP, NOR at DEN, SEA at PHI
Week 13: NOR at ATL, CLE at TEN, IND at HOU, DEN at KCC, BUF at SFO
Week 14: MIN at TAM, ARI at NYG, NOR at PHI, BAL at CLE
Week 15: SFO at DAL, TAM at ATL, DET at TEN
Week 16: MIN at NOR, ATL at KCC, BUF at NEP, CIN at HOU
Week 17: SEA at SFO, LVR at DEN, PIT at CLE, TEN at HOU, ATL at TAM