Week 4 Cleveland Browns vs. Dallas Cowboys
Assuming the Browns will be improved and the Cowboys completely loaded, we have offensive stars all over the field. Baker Mayfield has a rebuilt offensive line and a proven offense he must learn. We are also betting on the health of Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham to be at peak form here since both are recovering from offseason surgeries, and if not, the Browns still have Nick Chubb, Austin Hooper and Kareem Hunt. The hype is also off the Cleveland franchise again, which means they could finally realize all that potential they wasted in 2019.

On the other side, the Cowboys have a potential playmaker at every position but tight end. If Ceedee Lamb is the last option for the passing offense, goodness gracious, look out. Defensively, both of these teams have highlight makers, but the offense on both sides have enough talent to overcome it.

Week 5 Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans
Both teams are powerhouses in the AFC, strong defensively and balanced offenses built to run. This is a marquee matchup that could sway towards a defensive grudge match. Still, I was extremely excited by what the Titans showed us after Ryan Tannehill took over the offense. The much maligned veteran quarterback was a deep well of fantasy points each week who was good for at least three scores in 6 of his 10 2019 regular season starts.

Buffalo has four games in primetime, which shows how much the league sees them as a team poised to take the AFC East away from New England. They strengthened each group in the offseason, adding Stefon Diggs on offense and Josh Norman on an already scary defense. Josh Allen could stay in the pocket longer with Diggs on the field and a stronger commitment to Devin Singletary. They’ll give the Titans a grueling matchup but does it matter if the Bills can’t stop Derrick Henry?

Week 6 Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
I could dress this game up a dozen of ways but c’mon, it’s Aaron Rodgers traveling to Tampa to do his best to quiet the hype that Tom Brady has brought to Florida. We didn’t get Brady versus Rodgers much, but now that they’re in the same conference, we could continue seeing it as long as Brady keeps winning his fight with father time. Assuming that the Bucs’ run defense remains a strength though, Rodgers will be slinging it early and often. We’re thrilled to see this matchup early in the season.