We don’t know if we’ll see football in 2020 but the NFL released their schedule. That has football fans dreaming about the new season and at Bruno Boys, we cannot help but think of the matchups that get us excited. Now we realize that it will take a few weeks of the 2020 season to get a true sense of who these teams will be. The unknown entity of how this offseason and training camp will unfold has introduced some wild cards.

Still, the offseason and 2020 NFL Draft has given shape to each roster. While we can’t list off every game that will be the epicenter for points, here are the matchups that jump out at us and have us itching for the season to begin.

Week 1 Tampa Bay at New Orleans Saints
It won’t take us long to see what the upgrades of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski do to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The biggest off-season move shifted the strength of the NFL over to the NFC South and the upstart Bucs are looking to bump the reigning division champs out of the way. We would still give the edge to the Saints just because of stability in roster and system, and they’re tough at home with the speed of the turf as an added bonus for all parties.

Will we see Alvin Kamara unleashed? Could Chris Godwin smoke Marshon Lattimore? Will Emmanuel Sanders signal his arrival in the Bayou with a big play? Will Gronk spike the ball in front of Who Dat nation? Everyone’s eyes is going to be on this inter-division matchup that will have plenty of offensive firepower. Rematch in Week 9.

Week 2 Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans
Two of the more electric quarterbacks in the league square off in this Week 2 game and I’m interested in how the Texans are going to generate offense without DeAndre Hopkins. How much will the offense run through David Johnson? Will Brandin Cooks become a true No. 1 receiver? Lots of questions are in place, but one thing that remains a constant – Deshaun Watson always finds a way to keep his team competitive.

For the Ravens, we’ll see how Lamar Jackson will handle J.J. Watt and the Texans defense. The Texans gave up 33 touchdowns through the air and were near the bottom of passing defense. Did they adjust enough in the offseason? Will Jackson recognize this weakness and exploit it, or will they lean on their strength by running the ball at the Texans?

Week 3 Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens
Is this the preview of the AFC Championship? That will be the talk headed into this early season game that many were hoping to see in the 2019-2020 playoffs until Derrick Henry and the Titans broke up the Ravens’ party. Some matchups we’re going to watch is Tyrann Matthieu vs. Mark Andrews. Another is to see if the Chiefs’ front seven was improved enough to contain Lamar Jackson, Mark Ingram, and JK Dobbins. By the way, this is the first time Mahomes (2-0 against the Ravens) is playing in Baltimore.

We can’t forget about the Chiefs though, who will test the speed of the Ravens’ secondary with Tyreek Hill, rookie linebacker Patrick Queen will familiarize himself with Travis Kelce and rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire could be the surprise x-factor in the red zone.