Detroit Lions DST @ Miami Dolphins

DK Price: $2,400

One of my favorite values in the DST category this week has to be the Detroit Lions. The Lions haven’t really been much of a streaming option this season but are actually coming off their best game in fantasy in Week 5 against the Packers of all teams.

Things should be even easier this week as the Lions are coming fresh off a bye week to face a Dolphins offense that will be led by Brock Osweiler. Osweiler won the award for “Most Random Fantasy Performance” last week as he had a career game throwing for 380 yards and 3 TD’s in an upset against the Bears. I wouldn’t expect lightning to strike twice here. We have seen Osweiler enough to know what a train wreck he can be under center. Osweiler went 0-4 as a starter for the Broncos last season with a 5-5 TD/INT ratio and threw more interceptions than touchdowns in his time with the Texans in 2016.

The Dolphins offense has been one of the slowest all season and there should be plenty of opportunities for even an average Lions defense to take advantage of this week. The Lions present great upside this week, especially given that they’re one of the absolute cheapest DST options on Sunday’s main slate.